Home Loan Foreign National Program Intro William Chen - May 12 2015

Home Loan Mortgage now exclusively offer our foreign national program, whether you are on tourist visa , or making EB5 application , or just students studying in the United States , you can apply for a loan to buy a house or invest a property in this land.

As a foreign national, your foreign property, work and proof of income will be used as a basis for the loan application, you will need to provide the following:

  • Valid passport ( no need for visa or green card, SSN and credit score )
  • Foreign work certificate and proof of income ( proof of income required to prove on company letterhead letter that your current job and history of your job, the current and in the past two years, revenue income )
  • Proof of funds for your down payment(bank statement for two months running account of a single well-known domestic or foreign bank proof )

We offer loan programs have ARM5 years, 7 years , 10 year fixed , you can only pay the interest ; require a minimum down payment of 40% , the minimum loan amount of 100,000 , up 5 million or specific negotiable ; investment homes, apartments or loans can be one to four unit apartment ; also do refinance , cash up to 60 % of the room rate . For details, please contact us , our loan professionals will patiently answer any questions .

Loans to be successful, just come to see us at Home Loan Mortgage!

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